Liability Agreement: You, the named customers understand and agree that all charges are assessed by Starlight Entertainment & Limousine. Credit card hold-er authorizes all unpaid deposits and balances with signed acceptance of this contract. I am fully responsible for the repairs and/or the replacement of any dam-age to this vehicle, or it’s contents, that I or any member of my party creates. If this agreement is placed in the hands of an attorney and/or collection agent, the undersigned, or credit card holder agree to pay all fees. Due to the structural engineering of limousines, if any break down were to occur the customer is subject to down time only. ALL LIMOUSINES ARE STRICTLY NON-SMOKING. Starlight Entertainment & Limousine, will not be responsible for delays due to traffic conditions, accidents, acts of God or any situation beyond our control. Starlight Entertainment & Limousine is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal belongings, including items left in the vehicle. The minimum charge for vomit is $500.00, and may exceed $1000.00 for the clean up and repair.

PLEASE NOTE: All deposits and payments are non-refundable. Starlight Entertainment & Limousine reserves the right to substitute any vehicle of the same or greater value. Starlight reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time the holder breaks any of these terms, or becomes dangerous to the safe oper-ation of equipment, without any reimbursement, and all fees for contract are due and payable for the whole term of said charter. Any reservation not cancelled within 7 (seven) days of reservation date, customer is responsible for full payment of said scheduled charter. This is a contractual agreement of this company, for hire of limousine service and pertains specifically to the performance of the customer in the limousine dur-ing the course of the charter. In addition to the hourly rate for the car and chauffeur, any damage excess of usual use and wear of the hired vehicle, there will be a minimum charge of $200.00 for the repairs and general cleaning of the vehicle. The $200.00 will be given as part of the security deposit at the time the contract is signed. Decision as to the usual wear and use of the vehicle interior and it’s environs, rests with Starlight Entertainment & Limousine, solely, and it’s experience as to the general habitation of hired cars, and it’s decision is final. Further Note: Parking a Toll Charges are the responsibility of the Client and/ or credit card holder. Client and/or credit card holder agrees to pay according to this Liability Agreement.

  • All deposit, excluding the $200.00 cleaning security, is non-refundable. Substitution of the vehicle is at the companies discretion.
  • Alcohol will not be supplied by the company. The client can bring their own. Proof of age for all passengers will be necessary.
  • Alcohol is not permitted in any of our vehicles for Prom Rentals. NO EXCEPTIONS !!!
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